trigeminal neuropathy

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Wed May 3 17:07:51 EST 1995

Trigeminal neuralgia can be a sign of a serious disorder such as 
a brain tumor, arteriovenous malformation, or multiple sclerosis. 
 there are many instances in which no specific cause is found in 
any given individual.  You should see a physician for evaluation 
of this disorder instead of obtaining random recommendations from 
anyone who owns a computer.  
BTW- the surgery for Trigeminal neuralgia does not 'imply' 
injuring or cutting the nerve.  The Genetta procedure involves 
microvascular decompression (carefully separating the nerve from 
any nearby blood vessels, which has been successful in certain 
circumstances.  Before trying any medicines, you need to consult 
with a physician who can decide what is the most logical 
treatment for you.

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