Memory and DNA

Joseph J. Strout strout at helmholtz
Thu May 4 09:54:32 EST 1995

Readers of this topic may be interested in the April 7 issue of _Cell_, 
where (according to Science News Vol. 147 P. 253) Jerry Yin et al. at 
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have been genetically manipulating fruit 
flies.  Last October, they formed a mutant strain that failed tests of 
long-term (more than 7 days) memory.  The current work reports a 
different mutation, which allows flies to learn in a single (count 'em) 
trial what normal flies require 10 trials to learn.  To me, this is a 
really amazing demonstration of a relationship between genes and memory.

Of course, if (as some in this thread have suggested) you're looking for 
evidence that memory is actually *stored* in DNA, well I certainly can't 
help with that.

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