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Wed May 3 10:10:17 EST 1995

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> Hi there,
> I am currently looking for a good Neuropsychology textbook. I possess 
> some neuroscience textbooks (eg, Kandel et al.'s Pinciple of Neural Science, 
> Dowling's Neurons & Networks, also From Neuron to Brain) but am looking 
> for a book putting more emphasis on higher cortical functions. I have 
> seen some of them at the library, but cannot decide which to set my 
> sights on. Anybody got any preferences on this?
> Thank you,


A good starting place is B. Kolb's and I. Whishaw's "Fundamaentals of
Human Neuropsychology", from W. H., Freeman and Company. The copy on my
shelf is the 3rd edition from 1990; I imagine the book has been through at
least one more revision since then. 

It's large, fairly comprehensive, and quite readable. I've had a very
positive response from students when I've used the book in undergraduate
classes in the past, but it would also be suitable for beginning level
graduate classes.

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