Measuring mental states?

Will Nelson wnelson at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu May 4 14:15:52 EST 1995

jns at (Jesse N. Schell) writes:

>I am interested in finding out about topical sensors that can be used
>for measuring brain activity. If anyone can point me to literature
>about how these devices work, or exactly what can be measured, I would
>appreciate it. If you know of companies that sell these sensors, I
>would be interested in hearing about that as well.

>I am also interested in devices that can measure the amount of time
>spent in REM sleep.

Allan Hobson mentions a "home kit" that his lab was working on
productizing in his book, "Mind and Brain" (I think that's the
title. I have it at home, not here at work). It sounded like
a portable rubber skull-cap that had electrodes and a small
unit that could detect when you entered REM. He's at Harvard
Medical School Dept. Psychiatry. I don't have an e-mail address
for him.

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