Looking for school based research studies on EEG Neurofeedback for ADDHD

Peter J. Richmond richmond at tiac.net
Wed May 3 13:46:00 EST 1995

I work as a special ed teacher in CT.  I am impressed with the recent
developments in EEG Neurofeedback for the treatment of ADD/ADDHD.  I am
interested in training in this type of work.  However, I am unclear as to
whether educators are doing this type of work, in conjunction with medical
professionals.  Has the EEG Neurofeedback field grown to this point?

I am also looking for some research based studies showing the
effectiveness of EEG Neurofeedback for  ADDHD/ADD children in public
schools.  Studies of this nature are important  to bring EEG Neurofeedback
to a more widly accepted level .  I hope to see this occur in the future.
The clinical data that I have read seems to show great promise for this
type of treatment. 

Any information is appreciated.  Send to    richmond at tiac.net

Peter J. Richmond, MS Special Education, CT

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