neuro feed back

Brian Thiel/Lois Henry-Thiel thielbl at
Thu May 4 08:53:50 EST 1995

HXEW52A at (Edward Arsenault) wrote:

>I have recently been going to a threapist for stress disorder.  She has 
>suggested a treatment called neuro feed back.  Can anyone tell me about 
>this treatment? How effective it is? Where I can get information on it?
>Thank you.   

The Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation (SSNR) which is a
professional organization of neurofeedback providers has just begun to
provide a web page where people can get information on the subject.

At this time, there is a prototype web page at a temporary address,
but soon there will be a permanent page at its own address.  The
temporary address is, (sorry about the length of it, but try a cut and
paste to save time)...


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