Psychobiology Texts (Was Re: Diff between Neuroscience and Psychobiology)

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In article <3odld2$kvu at engnews2.Eng.Sun.COM>, Will Nelson writes:

> Are there any good texts that concentrate on the behavioral side of
> things, in what I will call physiological psychology, which I suspect
> is pretty close to psychobiology? Emphasis should be on hunger, 
> reward, sleep, behavioral psychopharmacology, etc.

I've enjoyed two rather recent books.  Biopsychology by Pinel (e-mail me 
if that's not enough to find you the book), and An Introduction to 
Behavioral Endocrinology by Randy Nelson (Sinauer: Sunderland, 
Massachussets, 1995).  Also, Behavioral Endocrinology, edited by Jill 
Backer, S. Marc Breedlove, and David Crews (MIT Press, 1992).  The 
chapters in the latter book are written by a variety of real hotshots in 
the field (Sapolsky, etc.).  The first book is not restricted to 
endocrinology.  But I like behavioral endocrinology, so you'll have to 
suffer the bias in my list!



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