Tegretol, Deprenyl

Nagui Achamallah UAJK66A at prodigy.com
Thu May 4 22:56:19 EST 1995

Re: Tegretol

Tegretol is an antiseizure medication it is also used in the treatment of 
trigeminal neuralgia "Tic Douloureux" . Tegretol has also been effective 
in bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness). The most important side 
effect of tegretol is Pancytopenia (a condition where the bone marrow is 
suppressed by the drug which causes a decrease of red blood cells, white 
blood cells and platelets). Valproic acid or (depakote) is used for 
similar indications in seizure disorders and bipolar disorder but is not 
effective in trigeminal neuralgia.

I hope this was helpful,


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