Diff between Neuroscience and Psychobiology

Walter Rolandi rolandi at andy.hssc.scarolina.edu
Thu May 4 19:47:19 EST 1995

David Longley <David at longley.demon.co.uk> writes:

>Well, I disagree. Neuroscience subsumes all sorts of disciplines working on 
>nervous systems. neuroendocrinology, neuroanantomy, neurochemistry, neurophar
>macology, neurophysiology and so on...and not a psycho amongst them. In other
>wods, the *vast* majority of neuroscientists will have little of no interest
>in behaviour, let alone psychology.

you know dave, i'd say you're right.  but it kinda makes you wonder how in the
world all those super neuroscientist types can evaluate the implications of
their own discoveries, given that they have no interest in behavior.

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