Diff between Neuroscience and Psychobiology

Neal Prakash nprakash at meded.com.uci.edu
Sat May 6 03:25:54 EST 1995

i agree that the actual definiton of terms denotes the difference in 
emphasis. but in reality, you will tend to find similar types of work 
done by the actual faculty of the departments. and while yes, here at uci 
psychobio department, there is an emphasis on memory and learning, most 
faculty use molecular, ephys, tissue culture, and psychological 
techniques. these are the same techniques that any "neuroscientist" uses. 
so the actual research training will depend on the p.i.(s) you pick and 
not the department. but you courseload may have a slightly difference focus.

-neal prakash

On 4 May 1995, David Longley wrote:

> > as far as i understand they are essentially the same. just a matter of 
> > preference in names and the history of the department. as for your 
> > sister, if she has some idea of what she exactly wishes to 
> > study/research, she should check into specifically what the faculty 
> > research at the particular schools and what the graduate curriculum is 
> > focused on. other departments she may wish to look into are psychology 
> > and cognitive science.
> > 
> > hope that helps!
> > 
> > -neal prakash
> > 
> > ~On 2 May 1995, Shelli Heather Godfrey wrote:
> > > What is the difference between neuroscience and psychobiology?  My sister
> > > will be going to graduate school in neuroscience but I thought these two
> > > were the same...HELP!
> Well, I disagree. Neuroscience subsumes all sorts of disciplines working on 
> nervous systems. neuroendocrinology, neuroanantomy, neurochemistry, neurophar
> macology, neurophysiology and so on...and not a psycho amongst them. In other
> wods, the *vast* majority of neuroscientists will have little of no interest
> in behaviour, let alone psychology. Psychobilogy is basically interesed in
> the relationship between biology and behaviour. 
> David Longley

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