Baclofen long term?

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: What are the long term effects from taking too much baclofen?
: I have TN and the only way to reduce pain, when taken in combination with 
: Tegretol [because of short half life of baclofen] is to increase dose of 
: baclofen. I've doubled my dose from 70mg to 140mg. 1400mg of Tegretol 
: does not work by itself, but increase in baclofen includes uncomfortable 
: side effects, i.e., blurry vision, high mania, some degree of impotence. 
: Blood results are not currently of concern. No appreciable liver 
: malfunction, etc. that can be determined now, but I'm concerned with long 
: term affects. Can anyone suggest what they might be? BUT, 140mg of 
: baclofen does eliminate pain from TN.. Nothing else works.

: -Hank-

I forgot to mention another rather discomforting side effect: tremors.. 
includes dropping things. Can't hold a cup of coffee. And, blurry vision 
makes it very, very difficult to drive....of course that being an 
indirect threat to one's live and threat to others.. Perhaps, like with 
Tegretol, those side effects will over time dissapate? When first taking 
Tegretol, all were accompaning side effects, except for mania. Could I 
expect the same kind of tolerance to side effects to Baclofen. Concern, 
beside liver, etc. other effects, not discernable, but also reduction of 
brain cells, lack of concentration to become regular, etc. My wife thinks 
I'm a little nutsy. I don't think so. Maybe after 38 years marriage we 
are just becoming incompatable? Sexually and psychologically? 


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