becoming a neurologist

christopher del negro chrisdn at
Mon May 8 17:30:29 EST 1995

In article <3ojgg8$8ut at>, qsign2 at (Qsign2) says:
>I am a medical student interested in a career in neurology.  Are there any
>neurologists out there who could give me thier opinion of the field.  Does
>it hold a lot of promise with managed care?  Is there a future for
>neurology?  Pros/cons of being a neurologist, stuff like that>  I would
>appreciate it.  You can Email me at QSign2 at

i am not a medical student but a graduate student in cellular neurophysiology 
and am interested to hear some of the responses to the post requesting
neurologists opinions of the field and other advice. if you are going to 
respond to the above post i would appreciate it if you would post on the 
board rather than by personal e-mail so we others could benefit from any
insights you would care to share. thank you

christopher del negro

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