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David McKalip dmmckali at email.unc.edu
Mon May 8 16:36:17 EST 1995

The Neuroscience Journal Club will be meeting in the BIOMOO (see below) 
on May 10, 1995 at 1600 GMT in the BioMOO Seminar Room. For more 
information contact: David Michael McKalip, M.D. 
(dmmckali at email.unc.edu).

Article: Regeneration into the spinal cord of transfected dorsal
  root axons is promoted by ensheathing glia transplants
Authors: Almudena Ramon-Cueto and Manuel Nieto-Sampedro.
  Neural Plasticity Department, Instituto Cajal,
  Madrid, Spain.

Journal: Experimental Neurology, 127:232-244, 1994

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