becoming a neurologist

Midori Anne Yenari yenari at leland.Stanford.EDU
Tue May 9 20:10:03 EST 1995

I thought I'd write since I haven't seen many MDs contribute (perhaps I am
wrong since I don't get much chance to read this group)
I am a neurologist and finishing up a post-doctoral fellowship in 
cerebrovascular disease. I now do mainly laboratory research but am involved
in clinical trials for stroke treatment. I think many are cautious about the
stability of the field in managed health care. Though not many people go into
the specialty, I get the impression that there are more neurologists in certain
areas than there are jobs (Like CA). While treatments for a variety of 
neurologic illness have become more and more available, the number of treatable
illnesses is still large--and that is the latest trend in health cae--
treatment. Nevertheless, neurology is a fascinating and challenging field.
If you are still in med school, I would urge you to take a few rotations 
and see how you like it. If its something that seems wonderful, then you should
pursue it. Trends in medicine are changing rapidly, what are "right" fields to 
go into now may not be so in a few years. The main thing is to choose something
you enjoy, then you will excel in the field. There is never a shortage of 
good clinicians.

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