Friedrichs Ataxia

Schumacher-MD-TH1 Schumacher-MD-TH1 at THAAD1-USASSDC.ARMY.MIL
Thu May 11 11:30:37 EST 1995

Hi all.  I was wondering if you all could help me out with a serious
request.  A friend of mine is trying to find out some information
about a "disease" that her niece has been diagnosed with, it is
called: Friedrichs Ataxia.

I am basically looking for any information at all (preferably
something in layman's terms...).  Or if you can just point me to a
source or a server for more information, I would greatly appreciate
it.  Special interests would be research, treatment options, articles, and
support organizations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you could email me any information, ftp sites, WWW sites, or
anything, I would really be greatful, and it would really help my

Thank you very much,


My e-mail address is Schumacher-MD-TH1 at
her e-mail address if you want to send directly is
Sharp-MD-TH1 at

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