Brain paralysis:Ask for help

Hao Liu liuh at
Fri May 12 07:17:08 EST 1995

i    My poor son is two years old, but he can't seat and walk 
because his brain was wounded when he was born. The strain of 
his muscle is too high . The doctor call it   " Mental
Paralysis" ( I don't know the name in English ). We tried to look 
for the cure methords everywhere but we failed. It's a horrible
disaster for my son and the family . I can not image the future
of my son.His grandfather was so worry that had fallen ill.

  If you know the methods or clues to cure this kind of sick ,
please E-mail the information to me . You is the benefactor of
my son and the family . 

Thanks so much .    

                                       Liu Lin

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