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 > Erica Carrano

 Mk> Incidentally, and unfortunately, Lorenzo's oil does not appear to 
 Mk> work well, if at all.  At most it seems to slightly slow the
 Mk> appearance  of some symptoms, but doesn't seem to affect the
 Mk> neurological  deterioration.
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 (this is Jason Leonard, Bob's son) In response to your last comment
 In my biology class, we watched the movie lorenzo's oil.  Our teacher didn't 
 know too much and was unsure about some of the points in the movie, but I 
 was under the impression that if you used the two oils it would stop the 
 body from creating the fatty acids it needs, then you  leave them on a no 
 long chain saturated fat diet and it would stop the progression of the 
 disease.  I understand any brain damage is irreversible but I thought the 
 disease itself could be stopped.

 If its not too much trouble could you also please explain the way the two 
 oils work, why they stop biosynthesis.  That was one of the points the 
 movie was unclear about.

 thanks a lot
Jason Leonard

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