Nutra Sweet studies

Joseph V. Martin jomartin at
Tue May 16 12:25:31 EST 1995

starharbor at (Starharbor) writes:

>Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1986-87 news release re 86 cases 
>of epilepsy induced by Nutrasweet in patients with history of mild head
>injury. Also relationship to migraine headaches, irritability.
>Article said aspartame lowers levels of neurotransmitters in brain.

>Also, there is research in Phoenix at Univ of Arizona on diet drinks
>and athletes.

There is a recent massive review of this topic:
1. Lajtha, A., Reilly, M.A., and Dunlop, D.S. Aspartame consumption:
Lack of effects on neural function. Journal of Nutritional
Biochemistry 5:266-283, 1994.

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