basic neuro teaching resources?

David Forster dforster at
Wed May 17 15:27:55 EST 1995

Is anyone aware of good quality public domain neuroanatomy/physiology
teaching resources available online.  In particular, I'd like to obtain
a series of stained frontal sections or some photographs of
whole-brains/dissections.  I *have* found some good MRI images and the
"virtual brain" and "virtual neuron".  These are a good start, but
aren't adequate for most teaching purposes.

I've seen the Neurosciences Internet Resource Guide
( - for those who
haven't), but it appears to be a bit out of date, and I haven't found
what I'm looking for there.

Obviously I'm looking primarily for public domain (i.e. free) stuff,
but if you are aware of any good (reasonably priced) commercial
packages that I should be aware of, please let me know.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


David Forster
Department of Psychology
Carleton University
Ottawa, CANADA

dforster at

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