Ketamine/Xylazine dose for rats?

Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Thu May 18 03:46:56 EST 1995

Michael Vagell (Vagell at MSVAX.MSSM.EDU) wrote:
} What doses of Ketamine & Xylaxine (Rompum) should be administered for
} 30-45min deep anesthesia during stereotaxic surgery in adult male Long
} Evans rats (300-400g)?  

I would suggest anesthesia with medetomidine (Domitor (R)) and waking
them up afterwards with atipamezole (Antisedan (R)). Works fine and
 However, if you combine the medetomidine with barbiturate (as we do), 
it will prolong the anesthesis and atipamezole will prolong it still more
(inhibits metaboly). We use Wistar rats, and anesthetize with a 
combination of medetomidine 100 micrograms/kg sc. + hexobarbital 
40 mg/kg ip., and do not care when they wake up, so we do not need 
the antidote of medetomidine. 

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