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Can anyone help, please? My neice suffered brain damage and is, 
unfortunately, making a poor recovery and her family have questions 
that they cannot get straight-forward answers to from her doctors. I 
am including as much information about Viki's condition as I can, 
hoping that it may help.

Viki Clemo (aged 17).

Original problem: Epiglotitis/Tracheolaryngitis. Occurred late Dec 

Original diagnosis: Post Epiglotitis Asphyxial Encephalopathy.

Later dignosis: Post Hypoxic Encephalopathy
                Cerebral Blindness (?)
                Decerabrate Spasticity
                Bulbar Palsey.

Present awareness: Level of sight is questionable. Wheelchair bound.
                   No speech. There is spasm also there is own movement.
                   Hearing very good. Comprehension and understanding

Present treatment: Minimal physiotherapy. Drugs- Diazepan, Triclopos,

Questions: What level of physiotherapy is desirable to achive full
           What other medication is available (Gotu Kola/Ginko
           What information is available on The Repair and
           Regeneration of The Nervous System?
           Who may be considered the best authority to address Viki's

Any help or suggestions would be most gratefully received by Viki's
family, thank you, in advance.

Best regards,


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