ICP Monitoring & Head Trauma

Charles Hokanson phnxbmed at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 19 09:09:16 EST 1995

It is estimated that there are approximately 400,000 cases of severe
head trauma each year in the US.  Of these, approximately 100,000 cases
utilize ICP monitoring.  I am interested to know:

1. Why are the other 300,000 cases not monitored for ICP? 
2. Under what circumstances is ICP monitroing contra-indicated?
3. What other technologies are available besides ICP monitoring as an
accurate predictor of patient prognosis? (ie temperature, PC02, Po2,..)
4. What are the limitations of present ICP monitoring systems?
5. Does anyone have any recommendations for improvement?
6. General commnets concerning treatment of severe head trauma.


C. Hokanson

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