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Thu May 18 22:46:38 EST 1995

On Thu, May 18, 1995 8:55:00 AM  at BOB SHOLL wrote: 
>Can anyone help, please? My neice suffered brain damage and is,  
>unfortunately, making a poor recovery and her family have questions  
>that they cannot get straight-forward answers to from her doctors. I  
>am including as much information about Viki's condition as I can,  
>hoping that it may help. 
I write to express support and hope that your niece will recover more
function, which she may.  Recovery from severe brain damage may take many
years.  Be careful about some terms used to describe her condition.  She
may have had decerebrate spasticity and bulbar palsy at some point after
suffering her hypoxic episode but she does not have these conditions now if
she indeed has good hearing and excellent understanding.  
I suggest that you contact Dr. Milan R. Dimitrijevic, Professor and Chair,
Restorative Neurology and Human Neurobiology, Baylor College of Medicine,
One Baylor Plaza, Rm S-815, Houston, TX 77030 USA, tel: 713-798-3649, fax:
713-798-3683.  He has much experience rehabilitating head injury. 
Don't give up. 
Wise Young, Ph.D., M.D. 
Department of Neurosurgery 
NYU Medical Center 
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New York, NY 10016

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