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David Longley David at
Fri May 19 09:16:29 EST 1995

I'm not sure that the majority of people working in research *do* see what
they  do as  a  luxury  or  indulgence, but maybe the place where I did my 
postgraduate training (NIMR in London) was an exception. I saw  a  lot  of
very talented people working *very* hard to keep up with an ever expanding
literature, with job security always uncertain.

It *is not*  arrogance  which prevents researchers from communicating with
laymen, it's their specialization. Like it or not, *most* lay people  just
are  not  interested  in  'The differential pharmacodynamics of  tritiated 
naloxone in the arcuate nucleus of the female guinea pig' etc, even if you
*can* get them excited about endogenous opiates etc, and *most*,  I repeat
*most* areas of research are not even *that* interesting.

I respect your sentiments, but from my experience, researchers are  *not*
by nature arrogant or lofty - if anything they are rather *lonely* folk!
David Longley

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