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Matt Jones jonesmat at ohsu.edu
Fri May 19 12:43:09 EST 1995

In article <3peklh$m4o at netnews.upenn.edu> Jeff Zilberstein,
zilberst at mail1.sas.upenn.edu writes:
>major; does anyone have any ideas as to how to introduce the topic to 
>youngsters, or any texts out there, or any experiments that would spark 
>an interest?

There are a number of simple and easy to use electrophysiology teaching
programs that run on Mac computers: Channel Tutor, Neuron Simulator,
Model Neuron. Of these, Model Neuron is probably the simplest. These,
coupled with some indtroductory lectures, provide a really excellent
hands-on teaching module. 

Alternatively, there are some very easy *wet* experiments to demonstrate
axonal conduction, mechanosensitivity, etc, that employ a cockroach leg
preparation. This requires a *cheap* amplifier, an oscilloscope, and some
odds and ends. I taught non-science college students using this prep for
several years, and think it's appropriate for that age level or even
younger, depending on how motivated the students are. I'd be happy to
send you some material about this preparation, or information on the
software packages. Email me: jonesmat at ohsu.edu.

-Matt Jones

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