Arnold Chiari w/Syringomyelia.HELP! PLS.

Rvoris95 rvoris95 at
Fri May 19 19:08:21 EST 1995

i am a 23 year old with Arnold Chiari Malformation.  I do not have the
complication of syringomyelia. In fact, my symptoms didn't manifest until
age 11 and didn't require surgery until age 19.  I have had 2 shunt
placements and 4 revisions since.  There are many variations of problems
resulting from this problem.  I found the greatest resource for detailed
information and support the Hydrocephalus Association, 870 Market Street
#955, San Francisco, California 94102; Voice 415-776-4713.  I could be of
more assistance if I knew more detail. I have done extensive reading
myself.  Best of luck!

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