New WWW Page: Emotional Trauma Info Pages

David Baldwin 503-686-2598 dbaldwin at
Sat May 20 17:11:14 EST 1995

My new web page is primarily about traumatic-stress, but my interests 
in this include what is happening in the brain during an emotionally 
traumatic experience, and so I have included what I could find of 
neuroscience sites and info that may be somewhat relevant to these 
questions. I wish there was more of this; please let me know of anything
I've overlooked...
Here's the URL:
The Trauma Info pages include 5 pages (topics) of information. There is
some narrative text about traumatic-stress; trauma resources on the web 
that can be read, joined or searched; links to general supportive 
information; disaster mental-health handouts I've collected or been given; 
and web links to other interesting sites (most but not all of which have 
something to do with traumatic stress or disasters, psychology, 
neuroscience, etc.). 
The page works best with a graphical web browser like Netscape or Mosaic,
but I've also tested it with Lynx, and have heard it can be read OK using 
AOL's new browser, Netcruiser, and Pipeline's browser. 
                               David V. Baldwin, PhD
                               Eugene, Oregon USA

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