Looking for digitized brain slices

David Forster dforster at ccs.carleton.ca
Mon May 22 21:15:23 EST 1995

In article <ELENAM.95May22153232 at uxcomp2.iimas.unam.mx>
elenam at uxcomp2.iimas.unam.mx (Elena Martinez) writes:

>         Does anybody know if there are ftp deposits with images
> containing complete brain slices? Prefereably from rats and cats.
>         I'd preffer direct response to my e-mail.
> Elena Martinez

I recently posted the same question (though my preference would be
human slices).  I got no response.  If anyone has any information, I'd
appreciate hearing about it, hear or by email.


David Forster
Department of Psychology
Carleton University
Ottawa, CANADA

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