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In article <3peklh$m4o at netnews.upenn.edu>, zilberst at mail1.sas.upenn.edu (Jeff Zilberstein) writes:
>I am teaching 7-9 graders a science seminar this summer, and neuroscience 
>was my 
>major; does anyone have any ideas as to how to introduce the topic to 
>youngsters, or any texts out there, or any experiments that would spark 
>an interest?
>Thanks in advance.
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>family and friends, and of Chicagoans in general.
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>after graduation.

Actually, there is a book that we used for a neuroanatomy class of mine, an
undergrad school, that I think would be great for kids. It's a coloring book
of the human brain and extremely useful as a source, though it probably needs
a backup text or lecture type supplementary, cause there's not a lot of 
explanation in the book. It's called _The human brain coloring book_ by 
Diamond, Scheibel and Elson.

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