VPshunts/hydrocephalus and pregnancy

Rvoris95 rvoris95 at aol.com
Mon May 22 22:37:54 EST 1995

I'm interested in any research being done on young women with VP or
Cystoperitoneal shunts (for hydrocephalus or cysts) and the effects of
pregnancy.  I've read a handful of articles and most  of the research is
new and inconclusive.  Some seem to have no problems others seem to have a
multitude of complications.  I am a 23-yr old with a right vp shunt and a
cysto peritoneal shunt  for treatment of hydrocephalus and a cyst
resulting from Arnold Chiari malformation.  I am approaching the age when
I may some day like to start a family and am just interested in getting
all the info I can on this subject.  I suspect someone is doing more
detailed studies.  I know one has been discussed in the hydocephalus
assoc. newsletter, but if anyone knows of any more, has done research
themself, or knows of good articles to read please let me know.  

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