Human Consciousness

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Thu May 25 20:11:04 EST 1995

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:>>Here's another book you should check out.  _Bright Air, Brilliant Fire_.
:>>by Gerald Edelman.  This is an excellent book.  I highly recommend it!

: >well.........

:>since you are recommending books, i would suggest *the computational 
 >brain*, : by chrchland and sejnowski (mit press).

:>i tried to read edelman, but wasn't buying it -- he leaves too many holes.


Hmmm.  Okay, it's not perfect.  It was really the first book I had read that
approached consciousness from a biological/evolutionary perspective.  Before
I had read things from either a philosophical or A.I. approach.  I guess I
was just blown away by the fact that this guy looked at the brain as a
biological organ (as opposed to a computer or something) and as something
that had been shaped by evolution.

As for Churchland.  Is this Paul or Patricia and while I'm at it are they 
related or married?

Has anyone read Patricia Churchland's _Neuro Philosophy_?  Please tell me
what you can about it.


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