Human Consciousness

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>>>since you are recommending books, i would suggest *the computational 
>>>brain*, : by chrchland and sejnowski (mit press).
>>>i tried to read edelman, but wasn't buying it -- he leaves too many holes.

>Hmmm.  Okay, it's not perfect.  It was really the first book I had read that
>approached consciousness from a biological/evolutionary perspective.  Before
>I had read things from either a philosophical or A.I. approach.  I guess I
>was just blown away by the fact that this guy looked at the brain as a
>biological organ (as opposed to a computer or something) and as something
>that had been shaped by evolution.

this is true, i am sure!!  i am just suggesting another book (on the same
topic), that's all!  ;)

>As for Churchland.  Is this Paul or Patricia and while I'm at it are they 
>related or married?

now, i wouldn't know that.  but i think an educated guess would be that they
must be married..  their work is strikingly similar, they work at the same
univeristy, and they have the same names!!!

>Has anyone read Patricia Churchland's _Neuro Philosophy_?  Please tell me
>what you can about it.

i would be interested too -- specifically if this work differs much from the
computational brain.

thanks jeff!


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