Barriers in Neuroscience?

Subramani Mani mani at
Fri May 26 10:35:30 EST 1995

marath at ATHOS.MED.AUTH.GR (Nick Maratheftis) writes:

>   Dear netserfers of neurosciences,

> After I 've seen many messages about future and present neuroscience' s 
>triumphs, I decided to share with you the followings:

> I quite agree that there will be some great discoveries in the future, but 
>we should also realize that there is a significant problem, some kind of  
>BARRIER IN OUR EFFORTS to understand our own mind' s nature. It is the 
>problem of a structure attempting to conceive its own structure. 

	I don't see a problem here.  History of medicine and
particularly basic medical sciences is proof of it. But if you mean that
there will always be some things unknown in science, I agree.  That is
because when you know more you realize that there are lots other things
to be accounted for.  May be there is something special in the case of higher
functions of man.  When we know more about how we think, it is possible
that the mechanism (the way we think) itself may undergo change.  
But I do not see it as a *barrier*.  There will be more to explore and 
it will be more challenging.

	Would like to know how others feel about it.

"Man has a face, heart and brain.  The computer has a monitor, disk drive 
and CPU"
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