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I am posting this message on this group for want of a more appropriate 
forum known to me. Please post it on any other more relevant 
newsgroup/conference. This is URGENT!!!

I am a male (Ht. 6'-4", Wt. 190 lbs, Age 43 yrs) suffering from motor 
neuropathy of uncertain etiology which started in June 1992. The symptoms 
are the following:

- Severe power loss and muscle wasting in lower limbs with complete foot 
drop. Can't walk without braces and physical support.

- Upper limbs also affected but strength levels still 80-90% of the normal.

- Throat and speech muscles have also been affected for the last 8 months.

- No noticeable sensory loss, neither any loss of muscle command or 

- Suffering from marginal indigestion and malabsorption for the last 8 
years. During normal functioning of the stomach for a few days, strength 
builds up and muscle twitching and fasciculation subside dramatically. 
But such a condition doesn't prolong for more than a few days.

Several relevant tests have been conducted. Those like ANF, RA factor 
have been negative.

The following tests have been within normal limits:
o Serum Folate/B12 levels.
o Thyroid studes.
o Protein Electrophoresis.
o Blood sugar.
o Blood CP and Urine RE.
o Antibodies' levels and lumber fluid proteins.

Nerve conduction study reveals slow velocity (lower and upper limbs) and 
prolonged muscle action potential. EMG shows positive sharp waves 

I have had two treatments of Gamma Immunoglobin, eight Plasmapheresis and 
steroids but to no effect. However after plasmapheresis, I feel a little 
stronger for a day or two.

Would request neurologists to suggest further course of action. Patients 
who have recovered from a similar disease may kindly intimate the 
treatment that helped them recover.

Since we don't get these newsfeeds, please respond through personal email 
only. Also, please note that I have to pay for the incoming email as well.
Would request you to be concise.


M. N. Khan,
House # 190 A, Phase 1,
Lahore Cantt. Cooperative Housing Society,
Lahore, Pakistan.

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