Human Consciousness

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>>Isn't Francis Crick involved in research concerning the nature of
>>consciousness. I think he is working in La Jolla , CA. Does anybody
>>what he has published relating to this research?
>I heard Dr. Crick speak a couple of years ago.  I can sum up his idea
>in a stroke so broad as to be almost caricatural, and I hope you'll
>realize that I'm horribly oversimplifying it:
>Crick proposes that the "self" can be found throughout neocortex in
>layer III, one of the main termination sites for corticocortical
>association fibers.
>I don't know to what extent I agree, but I find the idea appealing
>because it simultaneously, paradoxically portrays the "self" as
>well-localized (he's got it down to one layer!) and widely distributed
>(that layer is all over neocortex!).
There are three books that might be of some value: Daniel Dennett's
"Consciousness Explained," Crick's "The Astounding Hypothesis," and
"The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by
I don't remember whom.

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