Urgent News Regarding Scientific Funding

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Sun May 28 13:02:15 EST 1995

Urgent News Regarding Scientific Funding

The Society for Neuroscience (SFN) sent out an action alert this week
regarding the state of scientific funding.  For the first time in the
history of the NIH, resolutions from both the House and Senate propose to
cut the NIH budget (the Senate by 10%; the House by 5%) next year and they
impose a freeze on funding.  Scientists should contact representatives,
senators, colleagues, media, and others concerned in order to prevent
this.  These legislative decisions will take effect within the next four
weeks, so action today is needed!

The Labor-HHS members are responsible for NIH and the VA-HUD members are
responsible for VA and NSF.  Contact these members as well as your own
representatives and senators immediately!  If you are a Society for
Neuroscience member, you should have received a form letter on behalf of
the SFN to submit. Please do so at once.  If you are not a SFN member,
draft your version of a letter urging that Congress at least support the
$11.8 billion level of funding that President Clinton has requested for FY
1996 for NIH, the $3.4 billion for NSF, and $257 million for the
Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Research Program.  Funding decreases
proposed by the House and Senate will jeopardize the nation's general
science and neuroscience research programs.  Therefore urge the House and
Senate to increase funding support for NIH/NSF/VA.

To obtain a list of members of the House and Senate Appropriations
Committees and to read a more in-depth legislative update, connect to the
Purdue Neuroscience WWW Server at the URL: 


The legislative update is under the link "Urgent News Regarding
Scientific Funding".

Stephen Hall
Purdue Neuroscience

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