extracellular matrix

Luke Scicluna scicluna at ivi.ch
Mon May 29 06:10:27 EST 1995

I have some queries regarding extracellular matrix, can anyone  
answer the following questions for me:

-Is the concentration of individual components of the extracellular  
matrix known for any species, mainly interested in bovine but other  
species would help.  I cannot find any referance on this. Would be  
interested in knowing concentrations for Laminin, collagen III,  
collagen IV, Fibronectin, Vitronectin, Heparin sulfate proteoglycan,  
Perlecan, Matrix Gla protein

-Has anyone experience with using matrixes and could they tell me  
any pitfalls that I am likely to encounter.

		Luke Scicluna


Luke Scicluna <scicluna at ivi.ch>

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