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COLLEEN M. SPECHT v102nq9f at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Mon May 29 17:21:58 EST 1995

sorry all -- when i read this post for the first time i realized what a
horrible job my editor did with it, and so i am re-posting it with a differenct

someone i know (sort of) may have a serious condition, but he apparently 
refuses to see a physician.  i received a phone call regarding an episode
he had late last night and all i could think of was this group.  here's
what happened.

(let me say that he has had several similar episodes which began
with a fall off a horse as a young child).

basically, the 'episodes' go like this:

first he is dizzy, and he finds a place to sit or lie down.  then, his eyes
glaze over, he feels extremely nauseated, and loses consciousness.  he slumps
over at this point, and soon begins to gasp -- then he stops breathing.
about one minute passes, he begins to gasp again, and usually sleeps for
several hours afterwards.

(i also forgot to mention this morning that he usually urinates during these
episodes as well -- it is as though he temporarily loses bodily functions).

according to his wife, the last episode was 4-5 years ago.

also, with the exception of last night, he has always claimed that the
episodes were preceeded by a very specific pain (but not always the same
'kind' of pain.  for example -- his last episode occured while he was wrestling
(play) with another guy, smashed his foot into a piece of furniture, and then
an episode followed.  last night, however, he vomited shortly before the

there was never any kind of convulsions observed. and he cannot remember the
course of events afterwards.

he apparantly had an EEG several years ago which revealed nothing (which
doesnt' surprise me given the symptoms).

has anyone ever heard of this kind of thing?  we were wondering if we might be
able to find something out so that we could get some literature to show this
man in hopes of persuading him to see a physician.

thank you for your help --

colleen specht

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