Human Consciousness

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> I find it interesting that several people here (here being the
> Neuroscience group) are recommending Jayne's "The Origins of
> Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" I read
> that and found it to be a lot of fun but completely
> unbelievable, almost off-the-wall.  I know nothing about how it
> is regarded in the community.  Is this book really taken
> seriously?
> --
> Adam Arthur           

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. The whole theory of organisms having
evolved to nearly modern humans but with seperately finctioning
hemispheres completely boggles the mind. What do the 'bicamerals' use
their corpus callosum for? And what about studies with animals, showing
that higher mammals (primates especially) use their whole brain and full
potential rather than two independent hemispheres. 
 Most emberassingly, i gave a seminar on split brain patients and a lot of
people came to me to share their thoughts on that book. If people get
their information from this kind o literature it is more destructive than


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