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Jerry Clayton claytonj at essex.hsc.colorado.edu
Wed May 31 00:09:46 EST 1995

I certainly would recommend that your friend see a Neurologist to be
evaluated.  Many new therapys are now available to help keep epileptic
seizure activity at bay.  Without a history it is difficult to make any
predictions but given a neurologic injury as a child it is possible 
that some central response has caused "scarring" or unusual reorganiza-
tion of circuitry that is causing the problem.  Increasing frequency of
seizures is of some concern and would certainly cause me to seek medical
care.  What might be of some help is to try and identify any common 
events just prior to these seizures that could be pinpointed as 
seizure-genic for your friend.  Such information would also be very
helpful for his physician.  At the very least, if he is indeed losing
conciousness, he should consider the consequences of this occuring 
while driving etc.  Not only is he in danger but those around him are
as well.  Convincing oneself to see a DR. about a potentially serious
condition is often hard but outfitted with the knowledge that many with
such a disorder lead pretty normal lives may be of some comfort.  If not
for him he might think of the emotional trauma on those that he is close
too.  Hope this little bit of late night rambling is of some help.
good luck!
Jerry Clayton
claytonj at essex.hsc.colorado.edu

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