Urgent News Regarding Scientific Funding

Jerry Clayton claytonj at essex.hsc.colorado.edu
Wed May 31 00:23:18 EST 1995

Interesting idea, and ideally it would be nice to think that a cut
in NIH spending would go to health care for the indigent/ homeless
but as far as I can see the current bills in congress are not going
to be doing this.  You may be right though in that a cut of some sort
is iminent.  One of the stated corrections for such a decrease in 
funding is to encourage more investment on the part of private corps.
etc. however, there currently is no legislation that I know of to help
this along.  If congress is going to pull the funding out from under us
at least they could provide a life boat in the form of incentives for
private corps. to invest in universty research collaboration.  If there
is currently some plan in prograss I'd sure like to know of it.  Also,
if the NIH/NSF budgets are going to be cut and congress wants us to rely
on non-federal sources then the funding of research by NIH/NSF to for-
profit corps. to do research sould be decreased significantly and make
it profitable for corps. to invest in University research collaboration.
This of course is only my own inestimible opinion and does not 
necissarily reflect that of my own institution.  ANY comments on these

Jerry Clayton, PhD
Dept. Neurology
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
claytonj at essex.hsc.colorado.edu

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