Mentally Induced Paralysis

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>  Sorry if this post seems inappropriate( if it is, please inform me as to
>  the best place to post. Thanks).
>  Here's the question/problem:
>  Mentally induced Physical paralysis.  Can physical paralysis be mentally
>  induced and sustained out of control?  I've had some experiences with it
>  but have not found a logical reason and hoped that there would be an
>  answer on the net.  Thanks.
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Well yes.  Animals that are frighten freeze all the time.  People
can be paralyized by over whelming emotions.  It is sort like
approaching the dentist to have your tooth pulled.  Your fear trys to
stop you, but the pain forces you to get closer to the dentist.  If
the mental forces are BALANCED you are frozen so many feet away from
the dentist.

There could also be medical reasons for your observation.  The information
supplied was inadequate to guide you to a source of help.
Ron Blue

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