Barriers in Neuroscience?

jeffrey brown gabbard jbgabbar at
Wed May 31 08:42:02 EST 1995

David Longley (David at wrote:
:>What is especially difficult (the barrier) is that
:>our common sense wys of using terms is socially learned, and socially
:>sustained. It will be a long slow process of migration from new scientific
:>ways of conceiving fundamental aspects of behaviour such as emotions, as
:>a relatively undifferentiated way of dealing with claases of events, 
:>rather than the way we do now.

This is a good point.  One I hadn't really considered.  My feeling about
this issue of "barriers" to what we can learn about the brain or any
area of scientific endeavor is this.  Science may not be able to explain
everything, but so far it's the best means we have.  The idea that "there
are some things we can never know" would act as a self-fulfilling prophecy
if accepted by scientists.  Darwin, "Hmmm,  I'm very close to a theory
of evolution,  but this one part...  I just can't fathom it.  Maybe there
are things man can't discover."  And so he moves on to some other idea.
All of this of course is IMHO.


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