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Long term potentiation

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Wed Nov 1 17:51:30 EST 1995

Hello, all!
                    John B. <BKZJ at musicb.mcgill.ca> asks for
a source synthesis on LTP.

                    I found a brilliant sinthesis (of the stan-
dard thought in the field) in N.J. Cohen & H. Eichenbaum
"Memory, Amnesia, & the Hippocampal System", Bradford Books
- The MIT Press, 1993.   From the same editorial you can find
an update in M.A. Arbib's "Handbook of Brain Theory and
Neural Networks" of which you can get a glimpse through the
MIT Press Website <http:/www-mitpress.mit.edu/mitp/recent-books/
neuro/arbib.html>, since it is a rather new sourcebook.

                     However, if you usually read this list,
perhaps you can remember some posting of mine pointing out that
such a view is by no means the only basic one worldwide regarding
these subjects.	 Our South-American school is an example.
                     In our own tradition we are hylozoist and so
see no need of searching for engrams; least to use these constructs
as Procrustean beds to provide function onto any experimental fact
that admits to be interpreted as bolstering LTP.  However, both at
McGill and elsewhere, there are almost no available samples of alter-
native BASIC theories, because of a social (or cultural) coincidence
on those prefigurations.  This is a complex subject of the History of
Ideas, so difficult to command that most philosophers writing of neu-
rosciences (outside some European erudite schools and perhaps some
American thinkers influenced by A.O. Lovejoy) are ostensible unaware
of it (not to mention natural scientists approaching the subject).

                      Please forgive me for this added comment; I
of course feel quite alone when communicating outside our tradi-
tion, and so I was unable to resist mentioning this most important
fact instead of barely providing what you want.


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