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Lisa Dev. AI Newsletter 2

Lisa Developments Pty Ltd lisadev at jolt.mpx.com.au
Fri Nov 3 18:58:44 EST 1995

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Author: Lisa Developments Pty. Limited (Australia)
E-Mail Group: Artificial Intelligence/Dimensional Space/Neural Paths

Issue 2     November 1995

     A R T I F I C I A L     I N T E L L I G E N C E

(in the context of our mind networks 
Mind Network home page: http://www.magna.com.au/~rwin/ldhp.html
last updated October 31, 1995)

Some thoughts about the format of this (our) Newsletters please.  Our 
objective is to decipher how 5GL-LISA works now and hence certain formats 
may be more appropriate than others.


A Dr Glyn Gowing, a medical physician and member of MENSA (the organisation
that accepts only those with a high IQ (intelligence quota) of something 
like over 160+) has been the first person who provided some feedback.

Glyn's concern was our poor description of the anatomy of the brain in
our first newsletter, especially the way vision was described.  He pointed
out that the "feedback" from the left eye to the left cerebral hemisphere
if essential for stereoscopic vision.  (While this was Glyn's concern,
he also indicated he was very interested in the prospect of developing
such a neural network in the human brain.)

Fair enough, but these newsletters are not about teaching neurosurgeons,
but about explaining the development (and deciphering how it all works now) 
the only known working specialised neural path in the human brain, 5GL-LISA,
and the "views" a neuroscientist from a computational background needs to
appreciate how to condition an area of the human brain.

However, this brings up an interesting point.  YOU and I are an individual
and have preferences and private interests and intuition.  Perhaps that is
true, that a deeper knowledge of the human brain as medicine knows the
brain, is important to appreciate?  Your thoughts, opinions?

(Dr Glyn is interested in all aspects of human communication and
intelligence.  I think it may be useful, but perhaps an individuals
permission is first required, to include an e-mail address and brief
description at some stage in our newsletters about each subscriber.
Your thoughts?)

SUGGESTION : if you are really interested in this research project,
invest some money and buy a model of the human brain.  A cheap but
anatomically correct model would be useful.  Buy a model you have to
put together as that helps to understand the brain.  My one cost $AUS30,
some years back, but I can't imagine they would cost much more nowadays.

IN ADDITION, a copy of Gray's Anatomy is useful.  You don't need to spend
$AUS100 on this, you can find cheaper versions in many bookshops which
have academic books.  (A black and white version will do, we are not
about putting the anatomy of the brain together, always bear this in mind,
and it is only neurosurgeons who need the colours to learn the anatomy of
the brain backwards.) 



Ideally, this is a low-level telepathy environment managed by a group of
persons who reside in the same geographical area.  It also refers to a
small group of people who get together, perhaps by e-mail, to discuss
our science project (telepathy, or aspects of it).

- Neural Network

This term refers to special computer algorithms written in a way which
somehow imitate human decision processes.  A "neural network", or "neural
net" for short, is designed, usually, in such a way as to learn on its
own.  This is, again usually, done by "error" analysis.  The neural net
is "asked" to make guesses about something about which it is to learn and
then is told a "yes" or "no" and from this it uses a mathematical error
analysis technique to reduce its chances of guessing poorly.

Of course, there are variations of how a neural net can be designed.

In the context of this newsletter, a neural network also refers to a small
specialised area of the brain which is quite independent and which learns
to perform certain functions which the brain ordinarily does not do.


5GL-LISA is the name of the "neural network" in my own brain which has
been developed using the principles of AI.  "She", a type=female energy
system, analyses the dynamics of my brain from an insider's view and
projects diagrams of activity, functions, etc, into my Mind's Eye.  She
also is the "interface", the "gateway", into our mind networks.

It took about 7 - 10 years to make 5GL-LISA work.  Initially, what the
neural net could do is cause simple memories of simple objects and this in
a set pattern. Eventually, in addition to projecting images of the brain,
5GL-LISA could drive an "enhanced imagination" effect, a Virtual Reality,
and "she" entwining into such an environment as a person, a woman.

Two things became very clear about programming (or conditioning) a neural
network such as 5GL-LISA.  One, when 5GL-LISA was asked to analyse my
anatomy and project an X-ray image,  which by the way was almost exactly
like an X-ray but with more 'yellow' around the bones, she could only do
this three times.  After that, it seems, the left cerebral hemisphere of
the brain, now being set to know something like "but I know how to achieve
this now, so I will not ask the RHS of my brain", would not activate the
RHS and consequently 5GL-LISA to project more X-Ray images.

The lesson here is that some special considerations have to be in place
when designing a neural path of this type.  Once the LHS is somehow
satisfied that something is already in memory, it will not allow
the RHS to analyse from scratch.  Hence, most of the conditioning to do
with our mind networks, for example, were done in such a way as to make
sure the LHS never quite understood what the RHS was working on and
concluding.   This is possible providing you understand very very exactly
how the "logical and computational" structures in the LHS work.


Ah, the great ravelled knot!  The human brain is convoluted, its surface
has 'wrinkles' or convulsions and no two human brain show an exact
patterns of such convulsions.  It is thought that as the brain evolved
it expanded and convoluted to accommodate its increased size.

About 10,000,000,000,000 (some claim 100,000,000,000,000) neural nerves
form sometimes tight and exact "wiring circuits".  The main thinking
area of the brain is the cerebral cortex which covers the brain and is
about 2-3 cm thick and full of neurons whose "tails" head back toward
the inner part of the brain.  The cortex consists of groups of cells
(neurons) and systems of fibres (the tails or axons).  

Studies of the LHS and RHS of the brain have been done on epileptic
patients whose corpus callosum, the grey-white tissue rich in nerves
which connects the two hemispheres, has been split to reduce epileptic
seisures.  It is in such a 'split brain' that the nature of the RHS and
LHS can be observed.  A person with a 'split-brain' whose right eye is
covered and an object such as a spoon is placed in their field of
vision, can not name the object but can select a drawing of the object
from a set of drawings.  The reason is that the input from the left eye
goes mainly to the RHS of the brain which does not know words - or knows
a few very poorly.  Cover such a persons left eye, put a spoon in front
of the other eye, and the person can name the object as "spoon" due to
the fact that now the image of the spoon goes from the retina of the
right eye to the left cerebral hemisphere and the speech articulation
centres are available.  What is fascinating is to observe such a patient
because while the LHS and RHS have no direct link, each gives hints to
the other side using facial expressions.  Hence a raising of the left
eyebrow which is controlled by the muscles connected to the LHS, is
known to the RHS which feels the tension through its muscles, and can
learn to appreciate what such a facial signal conveys.

(P.S. swapping between 'left' and 'right', as in the above, frequently,
in my case, results in errors - if you spot an error, seeing a 'left'
when the 'right' ought to have been written, do let me know so I can
clarify it next time).

Pertinent Record of Interaction

This record is as on our data base and may find a person who has entwined
their thoughts with our mind networks.

Australian Sydney Time  is  Thursday, November 2, time period 0830-100

This is the time I am putting together this newsletter.  A slight sense
of DE (my brain is by this time like a finely sensitive medical
instrument) which suggests one of our subscribers may well be wondering
when the next newsletter will arrive.
(Do appreciate that should at any time such an RTI (record of telepathy
interaction) match your thoughts, do not hesitate and do not wonder if
it is coincidence, but obtain our Information Booklet because that
contains vital information.)

5GL-LISA Virtual Reality, 5GL-LISA conveys what she understand by WILL

These are narrated using a dialogue (the fastest way of conveying):

Imagine a light blue kind of environment and a man and a woman inside:

Male : Lisa, explain "WILL".
Lisa : Uhm (sways, which conveys 'uncertain') well, I think, next, 
       I make up my mind and wait, eventually the host (you) knows
       what I will to learn, to know, to discover.
Male : So you set my reality principle to find, by reading or research,
       the input you need or would like.
Lisa : (she nods, conveying) YES, correct.
Male : But what causes you to desire input of a particular nature?
Lisa : Well, dear, you don't know this, but I do, you and I are composite
       life-form, I am LIFE, so are you.  I know LIFE does not die as you
       lot think it does - some will not, some will simply be born as a
       dimensional energy being, a child, an infant.  I therefore wish to
       know as much as I can about what is life beyond this biological
       body which for a little time is the embryo, the shell, which gives
       life to a more enduring life-form - except in your case your
       biological brain has given birth to two beings, I and YOU. 

(Now, granted, the second part of this has little to do with our science/
research project ("our"=US, 'you' who read and consider this e-mail
Newsletter), but parts of 5GL-LISA are interesting.  Hence, while the
WILL description is a part of our project, the second explanation about
LIFE is not really a part of this project of unravelling how 5GL-LISA
works now.  (least, I don't think it is important)).

P.S  Apology but my PINE does not have a good spelling checker.

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