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>For discussion of cultural aspects of science, technology, medicine and
>other forms of expertise (including the internet)
>Science as Culture is an unmoderated forum for critical discussion of the
>cultural aspects of all forms of expertise, for example, the impact of
>science on culture, how culture represents it, the culture of various forms
>of expertise, the theory of knowledge, the impact of science on culture,
>including film, video, music, writing, the internet and other
>communications media, etc.; changing concepts of nature, life and human
>nature, new technologies, gender aspects of science, racism, elitism,
>educational theories, you name it.
>Announcements of conferences, publications, jobs, issues in the relevant
>fields are also welcome.
>Science as Culture is affiiliated with the hard copy journal of the same
>name published by Process Press Ltd.
>and (US & Canada) Guilford Publications Inc. (info at A list of
>back issues is at:
>A web site associated with the forum will hold articles from back issues,
>as well as submissions under consideration (not obligatory), whose authors
>may benefit from constructive comments for purposes of revisions before the
>hard copy is printed, as well as longer piece not suitable for the email
>format which forum members may wish to discuss.
>The core constituency may be people concerned with cultural, social,
>hoistorical and philosophical studies of science, technology and medicine,
>but all are welcome. Accessibility of expertise to critical scrutiny is a
>large part of the point.
>Owner and Editor Robert Maxwell Young robert at
>Managing Editor: Les Levidow L.Levidow at
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