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Split brain/Fusioned brains/Consciousness

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Sun Nov 5 13:18:16 EST 1995

Hello, netters!

                My reference to the 1978 craniopagi that
could perhaps have been also cephalopagi was from notes
of a 1986 paper in Bs. Aires University; now I found the
original notes of the author (the paper is not mine) and
their/her family names: They/she were/was the Hansen
twins, externally a craniopagus	fusioned occipitally and
surgically separated at their/she age of four in 1978,
probably (but by no means surely) near Chicago. I found
here no reference about the discontinuity or continuity
of their/her neurocognitive parenchyma.

        Of course such eventual continuity could have been
witnessed only by CT-scan or NMR, and visually only during
the few minutes before cutting. And as I posted in my prece-
ding notice, this is a most relegated aspect of these tera-
tological issues.  So I really do not believe that this par-
ticular, old case could be useful; though both girls, if
still alive, should be now twenty-one years old and, in the
suppositive eventuality that their neurocognitive parenchy-
mae were not separated by dural bags since their becoming
functional (the passage from embryo to fetus, at about three
and half a month of intrauterine age) a thorough psychological
exploration, though gnoseologically of course unconclusive, 
might still hint about their former having shared experiences.

        But craniopagi are not so exceedingly rare. So perhaps
someone knows of a case still not separated but having, besides
only one pia-arachnoideal bag, brain cortical continuity. Or,
instead, a report of a separation in which such fusioning was
found and some evidence could had been previously gathered to
support, or denying, facts reciprocal of split-brain.

	Perhaps we chance to be fortunate enough as to have no-
tices of one person (we here define person by its circumstantia-
tion to find itself experiencing at one continuous and given neu-
robiological circumstance, rather than another or several ones)
old enough as to communicate verbally - as probably the Hansen
twins were able to do before separation, what could solely be of
interest IF they really shared their cortices.

        If our loved list is not wide enough for such a search,
perhaps some of you could try to achieve notices by re-posting
these two messages into other Fora.

                           Cyberkisses for everybody!


NB: The paper I mentioned is in a Chair Opposition Concourse of
the University of Buenos Aires, August 1986, by our director
Prof. M. Crocco, presently on a short leave; it is a 60 pages
monograph on philosophical problems in neurobiology, entitled
"Personal identity" and written in Spanish.  

       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
       <postmaster at neubio.sld.ar> 
       Centro de Investig. Neurobiologicas, Ministry
       of Health & Welfare, Argentine Republic; and Lab. of
       Electroneurobiological Res., Hospital "Dr. Jose Tiburcio Borda", 
       Municipality of Buenos Aires,
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