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> This little 2 year old girl was born with a malignant tumor on 
> her spine.  It was surgically removed and she had chemo therapy 
> afterwards and now she is ok with regard to the tumor.
> The problem is that the surgery left her with nerve damage to her 
> lower extremities.  As a result she cannot urinate without being 
> catherized and she has abnormal bowl function.  She is also in 
> leg braces because she can't walk from the nerve damage. 
> The physicians have said that the scar tissue has damaged the 
> nerve roots in her spine that control the lower extremities and 
> they don't offer much hope or treatment.
> If anyone has any suggestions as to physicians, treatment etc., 
> I would like to hear from you so that I can pass the information 
> on to the parents of this adorable little child.  Now they say 
> she has scoliosis of 39 degrees and they want to put her into 
> some kind of brace.
> If you can help with any info, please send personal e-mail to me.
> Thanks,
> Peter at
suggest you try The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis at University of Miami
School of Medicine, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL -- physician is
Barth Greene.  Good luck. -- minidoc

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