help on phase contrast microscope

HaHaHa!!!!! wolfwang at
Fri Nov 17 18:07:19 EST 1995

I need help from anyone who know how to set up the phase contrast
microscope, which kind of equipment and optics i need? how is the operation
protocol? is it very difficult to operate?
In fact, i have to observe some kind of cells which is to be said very
transient under normal conditions under common microscope which is good for 
blood some just told me that i need to find some method like phase 
contrast or normarski, bright field, so please help me to determine which o
ne is the easiest developed from a common microscope or do i need to buy a
whole set of new microscope?
Ziqiang Wang                       Dept. of Chemistry
wolfwang at               Iowa State University
tel:515-294-1127                   Ames, IA 50011

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