Simple test for ADD????? Just a theory

Della Noche dnoche at
Mon Nov 20 14:15:27 EST 1995

john cox <j.e.cox at> wrote:

>Do you live up north? Is that how you got your name?
>I'm asking because I've started to suspect that
>ADD and related disorders may be influenced by light
>exposure (just a guess but I think it makes sense).
>Have you noticed any changes to the level of ADD at
>different times of year or at different latitudes?
>Anyone else feel free to respond.  I'll keep a
>list of replies and post the percentage of people
>who've noticed an effect.  Please mail your aproximate
>latitude and whether you've been diaggnosed as
>ADD ADHD or SAD.  Please state whether changing
>latitude has helped or hindered you and the direction you
>John E. Cox
>Biotechnology Centre
>Cranfield University, UK
>j.e.cox at

One doctor I've been to seems convinced I've an SAD problem and I'm 
inclined to ageree with him.  However, what exacerbated the problem was 
not a latitudinal change but longitudinal.

I'm at about the same latitude here in California that I was during the 
first 20+ years of my life on the East Coast.  The difference is that it 
rains here through most of the winter and is very gray - very little 
sunlight comes through the cloud cover.  Back East I got much reflected 
light from the snow and I believe the sunlight levels were *much* higher 
as the cold seems to precipitate humidity into frost and the like - the 
skies are much clearer.

You might want to keep this in mind - that sunlight levels can be 
climate-related as well as latitudinal-related.


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